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“Love in the heart was not meant there to stay. Love is not love till you give it away”. For love to be ever lasting and eternal every one should be aware of the different stages of love and know its significance. Following are the different phases through which you will travel in your love life and only those who pass it will have an endless love.


Attraction can be defined as something, which is more than friendship and is a step towards getting ready for a relationship. Now attraction is of two types:

a. Physical Attraction – happens when your body reacts to another person. Heart rate increases; temperature rises, palms get sweaty; stomach flutters; throat tightens; etc. This is what will tell you that you are ready for the first contact and also whether you are comfortable in the company of the other person.

b. Emotional Attractiondevelops next if the circumstances are right. After being drawn to a person physically, you then begin to come closer. If you find you have things in common — hobbies, ideologies, career, education, or some other common ground — then an emotional attraction starts to form. Sometimes an emotional attraction can occur even when a physical attraction does not. And in this case, the bond will be stronger between the two who connect, since no preconceived notions based on physical appearance has occurred.


Intimacy is something, which a person experiences when you learn to trust and believe your lover. It is a close association with another person of the deepest nature. You share you thoughts, feelings, and dreams. You feel free to discuss everything with this person and you are absolutely comfortable in his company. Thus intimacy develops gradually. If you can’t establish intimacy with your partner, your relationship may work for a while, but is unlikely to endure throughout the years. Intimacy is actually the path to a true, healthy and beautiful relationship.


Romance is the essence of a relationship. Without romance your love life will not exist. Romance is the true identity of your love. It brings out your true self and helps you be a better lover, husband and partner. Romance is a celebration of the life you live as part of a couple. It springs naturally and originates from within your heart. It makes you do things that you possibly couldn’t have imagined to do otherwise. It shows you who you are and reminds you of the role you play in a relationship. Romance is not responsibility but it is caring about your responsibilities towards your lover and partner. Romance is the appreciation of two people who are celebrating the lucky coincidence that they found each other.


The third stage is passion, which basically means a desire for another person, which has grown to an intensity that can’t be ignored. This is often where an emotional relationship turns into a physical relationship. The passion stage is very important. For from here you will understand the true meaning and nature of your relationship. If there is no passion then its best to let go but if there is passion in your relationship then it is time to go on to the next stage.


The last stage is commitment. This is when you know that you want to spend your whole life with this person you love and you can do anything for him. It is when your whole world just revolves round your lover and you take a pledge to remain true to your mate throughout good and bad times, be by his side whenever he needs you.

I had three friends. Eric, Cathlyn, Carol.
Eric was chased by all the girls in our high school.
Cathlyn was one of those popular girls.
Cheerleader, sexy, and stylish.
Carol was just one of those plain and average girls .
Cathlyn and Carol were both totally crazy and wacko over Eric.
Cathlyn didn’t have to do anything to attract Eric.
For she was already attractive enough.
Carol on the other hand, showered Eric which love and care.
Carol wasn’t ugly at all.
In fact, she looked sweet and pleasant.
But she wasn’t a cheerleader, she didn’t were spaghetti-straps or tubes.
So like everyone expected, Eric chose Cathlyn.
For Carol was just one ordinary and plain girl.
While Cathlyn was labele d as the cool and attractive type.
Eric always insulted Carol.
Telling her what a ‘Plain Jane’ she was.
And how dumb she looked.
Which obviously made Carol feel so hurt and useless.
That’s life. Carol never gave up though.
She wanted to prove something to Eric.
She wanted to prove that looks aren’t everything.
She studied hard, really hard.
She became the top girl, and all the guys who once ignored her, chased her.
But she never forgot Eric.
Everyday, she put a red rose in Eric’s locker.
Always with the same words.
‘I care for you, and I always will’
Because she knew that Eric was facing a hard time.
Eric began to realise.
How dumb he had been.
His beloved girlfriend, Cathlyn.
Was flirting with other guys.
He regretted for choosing the wrong girl.
Cathlyn broke up with Eric later.
For she had found a wealthier guy.
Eric felt so cheated, stupid and dumb.
He went to look for Carol.
He knelt on his knees, and said.
“Carol, please forgive me. Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
Carol rejected him, much to everyone’s surprise.
She only uttered these words.
“You’ve suffered a great loss, so I don’t want you to face
another one”
Eric felt disappointed.
He didn’t understand a word that she said to him.
But they became good friends.
Did everything together.
Eric began to change into someone better.
Because Carol showered him with the love he never experienced before.
His ex-girlfriends had never treated him that way.
They just accepted him for his looks.
But Carol accepted him for himself .
She changed him.
Carol continued putting a red rose into his locker everyday.
With the same words. She never forgot.
One day, Carol didn’t turn up in school.
She didn’t come for a week.
At first, Eric thought that she was on a vacation with her family.
Because she told him that she would be going Hawaii with them.
But one day. He received a call from the General Hospital.
Saying that Carol was about to die.
She had been suffering from cancer.
But Carol forbade them from telling him.
Because she didn’t want Eric to worry about her.
But now that she was about to die.
She wanted to see Eric for the last time.
Eric rushed to the hospital.
When he saw how weak Carol was.
Tears began rushing down his cheeks.
He whispered.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why did you hide this from me?”
She looked at him . And smiled weakly at him.
“When I said that I didn’t want you to suffer from facing another loss, I meant this. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to worry. I wanted to spend my last days with you cheerfully.” Eric looked at her.
“You can’t leave me!” he said.
“What will I be without you?”
“You’ll be who you are now. I will always be there by your side. Never forget that. Cherish those times. Live life happily. And one more thing.”
“Yes?” “I love you” And she died. Eric screamed.
He still couldn’t accept Carol’s death.
He had only spent a month with Carol.
A month. But Carol changed his life in a way.
A way that no one could ever explain. He regretted.
But he knew that Carol would always be keeping an eye on him from Heaven.

Sometimes We just don’t appreciate those people who really care for us.
Until they leave us. Until we lose them. Then we regret.
Outer beauty doesn’t matter; it’s the inner one that counts.
It’s better to tell someone how much you love them.
Rather than to not tell them and lose them without telling them.
You’ll regret Love is. When we fight till the very last minute.
Just to show and tell someone how much we love them.

* The First Secret: The power of Love.
Love begins with our thoughts. We become what we think. Loving thoughts create loving experiences and loving relationships. Affirmations can change our beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and others. If we want to love someone, we need to consider their needs and desires. Thinking about your ideal partner will help recognize him or her when you meet.

* The Second Secret: The power of Respect.
You cannot love anyone or anything unless you first respect them. The first person you need to respect is yourself. To begin to gain self-respect ask yourself,
“What do I respect about myself? ” To gain respect for others, even those you may dislike, ask yourself, “What do I respect about them?”

* The Third Secret: The power of Giving.
If you want to receive love, all you have to do is give it! The more love you give, the more you will receive. To love is to give of yourself, freely and
Unconditionally. Practice random acts of kindness. The secret formula of a happy, lifelong relationship is to always focus on what you can give instead of you can take.

* The Fourth Secret: The power of Friendship.
To find true love you must first find a true friend. To love someone completely you must love them for who they are not what they look like. Friendship is the
Soil through which love’s seeds grow. If you want to bring love into a relationship, you must first bring friendship.

* The Fifth Secret: The power of Touch.
Touch is one of the most powerful expressions of love, breaking down barriers and bonding relationships. Touch changes our physical and emotional states and
Makes us more receptive to love.

* The Sixth Secret: The power of Letting go.
If you love something, let it be free. Even in a loving relationship, people need their space. If we want to learn to love, we must first learn to forgive
And let go of past hurts and grievances. Love means letting go of our fears, prejudices, egos and conditions.

* The Seventh Secret: The power of Communication.
To love someone is to communicate with them. Let the people you love know; that you love and appreciate them. Never be afraid to say, “I love you.” Never let an opportunity pass to praise and acknowledge someone. Always leave someone you love with a loving word … It could be the last time you see them.

* The Eighth Secret: The power of Commitment.
If you want to have love in abundance, you must be committed to it. Commitment is the true test of love. If you want to have loving relationships, you must be committed to loving relationships. When you are committed to someone or something, quitting is never an option. Commitment distinguishes a fragile
Relationship from a strong, loving one.

* The Ninth Secret: The power of Passion.

Passion ignites love and keeps it alive. Lasting passion does not come through physical attraction alone. It comes from deep commitment, enthusiasm, interest and excitement. The essence of love and happiness are the same, all we need to do is to live each day with passion.

* The Tenth Secret: The power of Trust.
You cannot love someone completely unless you trust them completely. Act as if your relationship with the person you love will never end. Trust is essential in
All loving relationships. Trust yourself, trust others and trust the world. It is the foundation for LOVE.

Story for sore eyes

“Sam, it seems Jay is interested in me. Please help me out. How do I tell jay to get off my back and leave me alone?” My friend, Neha, on the other end of the phone was pleading with me for help. I told my friend sincerely “just tell Jay that you are already seeing someone. That should keep Jay away from you. By the way why don’t you go out with Jay. I like the name. The person cannot be that bad. Anyways you were cribbing to me some days back that you don’t have a love life. Give him a chance.”

Me and Neha; we went to the same college. We became good friends real quick. Since she was from a girls’ school, she had lots of gal pals and we became good friends. I am not saying that was reason for me to become her friend but that was one of the reasons. Nevertheless, we got our engineering degree and now Neha is in Bangalore, of course a software engineer. And me, a mechanical engineer located in Chennai. Me, like lots of you, preach and advice very well but find it impossible to practice. I can write a book on handling relationships, but I’ve never had a serious relationship till now. Have gone with couple of girls now and then but never had a “long term relationship”. Same with Neha, the only difference was Neha never preached and didn’t have a chance to practice. Neha was an average person in all sense of the word. Very consistent in academics, always getting the average score, Average looking. She had good taste and so dressed well but somehow guys in college didn’t notice her much. “They weren’t fortunate enough” Neha would say.

College years passed away as fast as all the good times in life do. It’s been two years since we finished college. I and Neha have been in touch. Courtesy: her Software firm. She has a phone at her desk and she calls me from the office no. She keeps complaining about the lack of love life. And she being a software engineer, didn’t even have a life. The day Jay bumped into Neha at health and glow, I got a call. She was bubbling with happiness as she told me “Sam, I met Jay today. Jay and I studied in the same school. We were thick friends and somehow lost in touch when I joined the college. It was a pure coincidence today. It was such a pleasant surprise. I am so happy. We guys are meeting up again this Thursday at the coffee pub. I obviously don’t have much free time as the project that my team is working on is nearing completions. Anyways Jay kept insisting that we meet up. I was in health and glow and that’s when……” She was very happy and was in a flow and I was thinking to myself “Why would any guy go to health and glow?” Then I figured everyone has a right to look good or atleast tried their hand at it. I remembered a friend of mine who wanted to try applying sandal wood paste on his face. What some people do to look good….and suddenly Neha’s voice jerked me off the trail of thoughts and I heard her sayings “are you even listening to me?” and the default answer from me “Of course I am listening, so what does this guy look like…” I hadn’t finished my sentence and Neha spoke “I don’t know what you were thinking but it’s obvious that you have not listened to a single word I said, before you spoil my happiness and corrupt my coding, let me hang up” before I could say anything, she said “bye Sam, I’ll call you on Thursday. Take care. Bubyee.” That week was hectic as usual. Monday came with the blues and the bit of blue got glued on to Tuesday. Then it was Wednesday, the countdown to Friday began. And came Thursday and so came the call. Neha was true to her word. I got a call from some landline no. from Bangalore and I knew it was from Neha’s office. I picked up the call and was expecting the bubbly tone in Neha’s voice but instead came a unhappy voice.

“Neha, what happened?”

“Day was a disaster; I’m still in a state of shock”

“But what happened, this got anything to do with you meeting Jay?”

“Yeah… Jay hit on me.

“Sam, it seems Jay is interested in me. Please help me out. How do I tell jay to get off my back and leave me alone?” My friend on the other end of the phone was pleading with me for help. I told my friend sincerely “just tell Jay that you are already seeing someone. That should keep Jay away from you. By the way why don’t you go out with Jay. I like the name. The person cannot be that bad. Anyways you were cribbing to me some days back that you don’t have a love life. Give him a chance.”

Suddenly she was shouting

“You idiot, you didn’t hear a single word I was telling you that day. You moron, sam, Jay is a friend from school days. We are from the same school.”

I was thinking what I missed; I knew they were school friends. Is there some unspoken rule that one is not allowed to date anyone from the same school. Then it hit me, but before I could say something Neha spoke first “I told you that I studied in a girls’ school and so did jay, her name’s jacqueline.”

Last night you and your best friend had a fight.

You decide not to talk to her the next day.

She smiles at you.

You grind your teeth at her.

She tells her friends nice things about you.

You spread bad rumors about her.

She tries to come and talk to you.

But you push her aside.

She thinks you are a great friend.

You think she is a terrible friend.

She writes nice notes to you, telling you about the best times you shared
together. You write about all the bad times you can remember experiencing

Deep down you know she’s sorry.

But all you have is hate.

The next day you find a note. It reads:

Dear ————-,

I tried to tell you yesterday, but you didn’t let me speak,

I tried to tell you good things,but you were afraid to hear them.

I tried to smile at you, to take away the hate.

But now it’s time to tell you, even though it’s a bit late. That i am

I have a bad condition and it is getting worse. I’m sorry to
have to tell you that i won’t be able to see you today. I wrote
this to you today in the hospital.

My time is up.

I’m sorry i should have told you sooner.

I’m really sorry about our argument,you are such a great friend.
I promise i shall watch over you,

Lots of love


You run to the hospital to tell her you are sorry,

But only her mum is left.

Her hand clasped over her face.

And she was crying. Down on her knees she prays, for her daughter to come

You are too late.

You wish you told her sorry sooner and got to say goodbye.

All friends have their ups and downs, and sometimes you need to say
sorry… Don’t wait for the other person to do it first.

Because you never know what could happen.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.


"These Guys must be crazy yaar", Asha suddenly remarked while adoring
herself in the mirror.

Her roommate priya who was busily playing Minesweeper in her laptop,
turned to Asha and asked, "c'mon, ma'm wat talking about
Guys suddenly..watz the matter?"

Asha : True yaar, these guys  must be crazy.. I think they do all sort
of stupid things if they fall in love

Priya : aaha, Asha.what happened pa, suddenly you talking about love.who
is that idiot ?

Asha : Hey keep quiet ok! I'm already very angry... You please don't try
to tease me further

Priya : hahaha, you angry. see yourself in the mirror.. your drooling is
quite apparent. Tell me whoz that guy who made you talk about love all
of the sudden

Asha : our next cubicle northie yaar, Vikram I  mean.. He is following
me wherever I go

Priya (surprised) : What you mean Vikram? Hey come on so many girls in
our office are drooling about him.... don't just blush ok? You shouldn't
lie too much esp when you are seeing urself in the mirror

Asha : hey come on yaar, you know, that day in FC, I went to wash my
All other taps were free only. But this guy purposely waited and came to
the tap where I washed my hands after I went.

Priya : hmmph.. Big deal... This is more feebler than BSNL signal.
(shakes her head) I cant accept this as a Love signal

Asha : wait wait. Even I didn't think it as a big issue. But yesterday
no, after finished with my dinner, I missed my mobile in the desk while
When I came back to pick it up, I noticed this Vikram picking up my
paper towel and put in his pocket. What would you say for this?

Priya : Really??? Do u mean it

Asha : hey true yaar.. thatz why I said.. these guys are all crazy..
they tend to do all sorts of stupid things for love and romance

Priya : aah..dont tell me you didn't like that

Asha : hehe thatz a different story J ... you come with me to Food court
today.. I'll show you live action today

That afternoon........Priya and Asha dine together in the Food court.
Vikram who enters the Food court at the same time, takes the seat just
behind them.

Asha : Look where he is sitting

Priya : O.K O.K.. Relax

Both finish their lunch and go to wash their hand. As they return they
see Vikram standing near the place where they had their lunch

Asha : Now see what he does

Priya : Wait , wait

Vikram looks here and there, after getting convinced no one is around,
picks up the tumbler that was used by Asha during her lunch.

Asha : (triumphant smile) What do yaa say now?

Priya : Yep yep, Guys must be crazy only.. I will go and catch that
Vikram red handedly

Asha : hey relax priya, Me feeling shy

Priya : hello this is not a  film story to keep postponing love proposal
until a railway station climax. You just wait here

Priya straightly goes to Vikram, who is quiet surprised to see her..

Vikram : Hi do u do

Priya : Dei, what are u doing da

Vikram : err..whatz the matter pri?

Priya : Watz the tumbler u are holding in ur hand

Vikram : oh this one ah? This is your friend Asha's work. Arrey, she is
so careless yaar. Whenever she goes to wash her hands in the wash basin,
she leaves the tap open and let water go waste. She never disposes of
the paper towel, once she is done with lunch and leaves it there itself.
See even now, she doesn't even care to keep the tumbler back in the
place. How many times you expect me to keep reminding in mails as part
of the HALE cleanliness initiative of the week. Nobody cares.. see, for
being a volunteer what sort of job I have to do. Regardless of the
number of posts in the bulletin about etiquette nobody cares to listen."

Saying this, a disgusted vikram goes to pick up the tumbler in the next
desk. An apparently shocked Asha could not mutter any other words except
mumbling "GALS MUST BE REALLY CRAZY . . . . ..."

She is my first and the only love till this point. Her name is Nivedita, a software engineer by profession. She is turning twenty-four shortly and she is undoubtedly the most beautiful girl on earth. I made it a point to share my feelings today with her, hoping this letter would do it all. I have not written any letters in my life till now, and this is perhaps the first time I pen down my thoughts and expectations for the person I love the most on earth.
It’s been four years since we met each other and a strong bond has grown between us through these years. I was unaware of her love for a long time. In fact, I hadn’t spoken a word with her till about a year I had seen her for the first time. It was in one long journey in train, I understood her love for me. It happened a year ago.
It was a trip from Kanyakumari to Chennai in Kanyakumari Express. We had passed Vizhupuram and it was 3 am in the morning. I thought I was the only one who was awake in the whole compartment in that early hour. But to my surprise, she was also awake.
I didn’t know then that it was for me she had got up that early. Hardly had she seemed to move her sight away from me. She smiled at me very often and every time I encountered that cute smile, I started eagerly awaiting the next battle with her smile and shining eyes. Her smile had everything in it, the story of unbelievable affection, care and what not.
From that moment, till now, I too have loved her to a great extent. We have never exchanged words about the love we have towards each other, but words are too less to reflect the amount of affection and love we share. I have always thought that the love would remain throughout our life and it happened to be the same till three months back.
Vivek had come into my life three months back. In fact I myself had waited his arrival for quite a long time, but from the moment he arrived, he has been the worst enemy in my life. Nivedita and he had grown close over times, and the fraction of time she spent with me got lowered to a great extent. Even the latest Sensex fall would be less compared to the fall in her affection for me.
I have wondered how it could suddenly happen, after near to four long years of understanding and love amidst us. At times, I have felt like killing that guy Vivek, but I have not had that much strength or braveness to do that. Still, what can he do? He did no mistake to his part, except for being born charming, cute and fair.
Two days before when I saw her, she was feeding food for him and I was hurt to the core on seeing the incident. My anger had boiled down to tears, and I broke. It took almost close to three hours for me stop crying, I felt I had cried more than how much I would have cried when I was born.
I have been trying to understand where it all went wrong, but to my fortune, till now, I haven’t been able spot it out. Once for all, I decided to tell all my feelings to her, no matter how she is going to deal with it. I have heard my dad saying a lot of times ‘Something is better than nothing!’ and I made up my mind to do ‘something’.
I fixed today to be the ‘DATE’ for throwing open in front of her the ‘TALE’ of my pure love for her. I don’t know whether I will get a positive response from her, but I pray God that only the best happens.

My school bell has rung. The lunch break is over. My ‘UKG’ classmates would be ready to welcome me with the same cute smile as ever.

I hope my ‘MOTHER’ Nivedita will be alright, understands me and shares some time with me also, apart from that she spends with my three months old rascal ‘BROTHER’ Vivek.

See you after a break!!!

With Love,
Krrish UKG-B

For a Better Life

1. Don’t talk when u r angry
2. Don’t take words seriously from the one who is angry

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