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He and She – Two Days of their life

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Wow! Sunday sweet Sunday! It’s a bright and lovely Sunday…I just love Sundays…there is nothing more rejuvenating like a sound sleep till ten in the morning. It feels so good to have bed coffee even before I brush. I gently got up from my bed, took the cup in my hands, walked slowly, sat by the side of the window, lifted the cup and took a careless sip, only to realize, that my wife forgot to put sugar. Too lazy to go for sugar, I somehow struggle through the sugarless cup of coffee. Only in the end I discovered the undiscovered sugar sitting at the bottom of the cup and smiling at me…

“Good morning!” – wished my wife

“Hey! Thanks for the bed coffee!” – I replied

“Did you mix the sugar? I forgot to stir it up” – She gave me the spoon

I smiled.

“Even sugarless coffee tastes like honey…when I have them from your hands” – I showed her the cup.

She blushed.

“So, what’s the plan for today evening?” – My wife

“Your choice…”

“Ashtalakshmi temple…the beach and then the restaurant”

“That’s perfect!” – It was a dream date in the making.

4:00 P.M

I got ready with my bike. There are some pleasures in life that you may miss when you travel by a car. Going out with your loved one on a bike is a unique experience that cannot be described in words.  I kick started the engine and we began our journey for a wonderful evening. It was a half an hour drive to the temple…as I was driving I could feel the tone of the Tamil song ‘Paartha Mudhal Naalil’ (The first day I saw you) lingering in my ears.

4:30 P.M Ashtalakshmi Temple – Besant Nagar

“Could you get some flowers for me?” – My wife

“Sure…” – After a little bargaining and negotiation I got her some flowers…

“Here you go!” – I gave it to her

“Why don’t you….?” – She looked at me. I was able to understand her anticipation.

I decorated the flowers on her head. However cinematic or dramatic or ridiculous it may sound, the happiness you get out of such small things in life is absolutely phenomenal. As they say, happiness in life always comes in small packages!

We stepped into the temple. To my surprise, there was no much crowd. We had a very relaxed darshan of the deity.  I felt like it was the perfect day of my life.  We then walked to the beach.

Besant Nagar beach – 5:30 P.M

We were seated at the beach looking into each other’s eyes.

“You promised you’ll get me a new ring….” – she asked

“Oh! How can I forget that?”

“Let me see if you keep up your promise”

“You can trust me. All my promises will be kept up!” – I smiled

The perfect romantic scene was disturbed by a little boy selling Sundal (A snack. It’s a favorite for almost all lovers infesting the beach)

“Stop disturbing us! Go find someone else” – I was trying to ‘Shoo’ him away like a scarecrow scaring birds.

“Sir…Sir…please sir…” – He was pestering me

“Poor fellow…” – My wife gave him a two rupee coin.

The boy was so happy. He rolled the paper, put some Sundal in it and gave it to her

“Oh! The substandard oil they use to make these items….it may affect your throat!” – I sighed out of disgust.

“Come on! Don’t be so finicky!” – She gave me a little of it to taste.

Well! It tasted good, but, my ego didn’t allow me to accept it before her. I simply smiled back:)

“Want some more?” – She asked me

I smiled…and showed my hands to her…

She smiled back…Wow…that was a picture perfect moment. (Hey! Anybody having a camera out there…? What are you waiting for? Just click it :))

“Hey! Now I am going to make our dream house!” – I started to make a little mound of sand.

“I never knew you were an architect!” – She smiled

“I can program computers and also make sand Taj Mahal for my beloved” – I smiled back at her.

We then held our hands together and went for a walk along the sea shore. I could feel the waves kissing our feet. We were discussing our future plans. Talking of sweet nothings… I wonder how time just flies away when you are with the one you love the most. If anyone could take a note of what lovers or couples usually talk, I’m sure it won’t make any sense at all. But, the fact is ‘love makes the world go round’!

After almost two wonderful hours of sweet nothings on the beach, we went to the roof garden restaurant.

8:00 P.M Roof Garden Restaurant – Candle Light dinner

“Hey! I forgot to give you something!” – I said


“Something that I promised. Remember what I said on the beach? All my promises will be kept up!”

“What have you got for me?”

“Say…you have beautiful hands…” – I held her hand and slowly inserted the new ring in her finger.

She smiled.

“Nice selection…” – She said looking at the ring.

“I thought this would make you happy!” – I said looking into her eyes

It was perhaps the best day of my life…

Everything went on well…right from the bed coffee till the wonderful candle light dinner. All of these moments were picture perfect. These moments signified ‘togetherness’. Togetherness is also a feeling. Money cannot buy you everything in life…the time you spend with your family, friends especially your loved one can get you something what money cannot. Yes, happiness. These are some wonderful memories we always cherish till our last days! The very thought of such memories makes us happy…they bring a smile on our face no matter where we are.

Before I went to bed that night, I thanked God for blessing me with such a wonderful day!

The next day – Monday

5:30 A.M

‘Grrr..Grr..Grr…’ – the alarm

“Damn this alarm…It’s such a menace…never allows me to get some sleep”- I woke up cursing the alarm. I gave a blow on the head of the alarm clock.

6:30 A.M

“I’ve got to hurry up! Otherwise I’ll miss my train” – I started my bike. My wife was standing near the gate and waving her hands saying ‘Taa taa’. I just raised my bike to the top gear so that I won’t miss the first train.

There was a sharp curve towards the corner of the road. As I was driving at full speed through the curve…

‘Crrrrrrrash’ – I dashed against the milkman.

The whole place was a mess….The milkman was lying down on the road…his cycle was a complete wreck, the milk in the can was spilt all over the place …My knees got hurt, the headlight in my bike got damaged.

This is what is called, ‘Start your day with a bang’ – I thought.

As the milk man slowly got up, I could find him bleeding from his mouth.

‘Ah!’ He opened his mouth. One of his teeth fell down with some blood.

I couldn’t do anything….I was a mere spectator. I couldn’t recover from the shock.  People started to gather all over the place.

“You idiot! Don’t you have eyes?” – One guy from the crowd started the proceedings followed by a pompous array of beautiful words in pure Chennai Tamil damaging my total family. The others joined the bash after the first shout.

Then I had to negotiate with the crowd and pay the milkman 500 Rupees as compensation and drop him in the nearby hospital.

‘God! I don’t know what my boss would say!’ – I sighed as I was in the train. It was already late by 2 hours.

10:00 A.M – Office Appraisal Meeting

“Well! Actually, I should say that you have done a good job, but, at the same time I have a feeling that the others have done much better” – My boss.

I was looking at his face admiring his ‘beating around the bush approach’ to convey a simple message.

“Even today, I found you coming late to office. See that you do not repeat this in future. You must learn to be more responsible. I want you to take this appraisal result in the right spirit and show your true potential in the next appraisal”

‘Whatever! The damage has already been done. Appraisal – disastrous! End result, Zero increment!’

“He He He Sure!” – I smiled at my boss

12:00 Noon Lunch Break

“Hey! Seems like your appraisal presentation was a disaster today!” – One of those gossiping and annoying friends in my office.

“What bothers you?” – I got angry

“Oh! Look who’s getting angry! Ha ha ha” – He laughed

Then, what else…you must have guessed…we came down to blows in the canteen. My nose got punctured in the process…I broke his jaws….and the issue was escalated to my boss. Both of us got suspended for a week.

Well! what else could go wrong! Already, I was bankrupt for the day…paying out all my money to the milkman. Got my nose punctured, my appraisal was a failure, got a bad name for coming late to office…

I got down the train. It was 4:00 P.M already

I went to the two wheeler stand to get my bike. Hey! Wait a second…my bike is not here!

“Hey! Watchman! Did you see this black colored Pulsar parked here?” – I raised my voice

“Everyday thousands of vehicles are parked. How do I know yours?” – He smiled sarcastically at me.

“You! You! Then why do you charge for the parking?” – I blurted out of tension

5:00 P.M Police station

“Sir! It’s a brand new bike sir! I can’t believe it’s stolen. Please find it sir!” – I was asking the policeman

“We will do our best!” – came the reply

6:00 P.M On my way home

‘These stupid share Auto drivers! I cannot accept how they stuff people like chickens!’ – I was literally travelling by footboard on the share auto. It was so overcrowded. But, I had no other option…it was the only mode of transport from the railway station to my home as the buses were on strike. Adding more to my agonies, it started to rain as soon as I stepped out of the auto. I got completely drenched before I reached home.

The door was locked!

‘God!’ – I was forced to stay out for almost half an hour in the rain.

As I was sitting down with my hands on the cheek after such a disastrous day, I heard a voice…”Hey! You came home so early? What happened to your nose? Why is that band aid for? Where’s the bike?” – It was my wife.

“Oh! That’s a big story!” –  I sighed

“You’re all wet…come in. You didn’t tell me you would be early”- she opened the door

“You should have given me the spare key!” – I shouted at her

“Alright …come in…”

I just couldn’t control my anger. It’s really hard when you are furious. I started to scold her for no reason…This went on for almost an hour after which I came down to normal. My wife didn’t speak a word, when I was angry. She just kept silent till I came down to normal.

“What is the problem?” – I could feel her gentle hands on my shoulder.

I then told her everything that happened to me right from the morning like a first standard kid telling his mother the happenings at school.

She bore a smile on her face.

“Do I look like a clown honey?”- I asked her

“No…” – She looked at my eyes.

“These people around me you know…they drive me crazy…my boss…my colleagues…that insane Watchman. I don’t understand their problem”

“They are people…they are meant to be like that. Forgive and forget. Past is past” – She said

“It’s a very bad day for me. Utter fiasco!” – I said.

“There is no such thing as a good day or a bad day in life…it’s the way you see it” – She said

I turned my face away…

“Just leave me alone…I feel like crying!” – I replied in a meek voice

“Hey! If that’s your wish…I’m fine with that! But, just tell me, would you be able to get back your bike, or revoke your suspension order by crying…If you say yes, I will join together with you and we will both cry for sometime so that all our problems vanish….”

I looked at her face

“Don’t worry about the bike. You have insured it; Claim the insurance and get a new bike. Don’t worry about the suspension order; take it as a positive sign so that you get some rest this week. Remember, you earn a very good salary. Don’t worry about your appraisal, life is bigger than gaining two thousand rupees as increment; It is God who will judge you…neither your boss nor your colleagues are capable of being judges. They are humans…they make mistakes. Forgive and forget the people who ridicule you. The next time you drive, be a bit more careful. These are blessings in disguise and lessons for life…take it that way”

At last, I smiled…This was my first smile of happiness on my face in the last twelve hours…

She showed me her hand. I could see the ring I presented her yesterday.

“I am happy just like how I felt yesterday, when you gave this ring to me. Just enjoy this day, live the moment, because yesterday is already gone and tomorrow may never come!” – She said

I was listening to her words spellbound. Her words meant a lot to me.

At the dining table –

“Hey! I’m sorry yaar…I should not have shown my anger on you!” – I smiled at her.

“No sorry’s between us… Remember… you never lose when you give up to the one you love!” – She smiled back at me.

You know, it’s love, when all you want is that special person to be happy in life. We two were in love! 🙂

Before I went to bed that night, I thanked God for giving me this day and blessing me with such a wonderful companion for life. I must learn equanimity from her.  I was once asked by my mother if I was really happy in life after my marriage. I simply smiled back at mom. You know what; some joys are better expressed in silence, as a smile holds more meanings than words!

There may not be a formal curriculum that teaches you values for life…it has to be learnt, all by oneself. The learning comes through sacrifice, love, care, affection and above all selflessness. Being successful does not mean the professional life alone but, personal life as well.

Every day is a new gift from God. There is nothing as a good day or a bad day in life! Just make sure that you open God’s gift with a smile! After all everyone is gifted with nice days!

So, keep smiling and have a nice week ahead! 🙂 JJJ

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