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Some Health Tips for you.

Posted on: September 19, 2008

  1. Don’t stop abruptly after a heavy workout. Take a walk or keep moving

  2. Regular cabbage intake prevents constipation & aids weight loss.

  3. Don’t sleep at once after dinner. It affects digestion & ur intestine

  4. Keep B.P. at bay! Have bananas, high in potassium yet low in salt.

  5. Rose water can give a quick relief to ur strained/burning eyes.

  6. Bad breath? Wash ur mouth with lime juice mixed with water.

  7. Exercise ur brain- read, solve problems. It withers with lack of use.

  8. The fibre in whole foods fills u up, lowers cholesterol & aids digestion.

  9. Pomegranate juice is a heart tonic & effective remedy for anaemia & jaundice

  10. Fight anxiety: Avoid sweet & refined foods, caffeine, salt, among others.

  11. Pomegranate juice is a good medicine for both diarrhea & dysentery.

  12. Fresh sugarcane juice helps cure soar throats & prevents cold & flu.

  13. In monsoon, consume more hot drinks to protect from cold virus.

  14. Chew ur food well & increase fluid intake to avoid constipation.

  15. Cut ur veggies into big pieces. This helps retain vital vitamins.


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