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Aishwarya Rai Rare Photos

Posted on: August 20, 2008

Miss World Aish

Miss World Aish

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74 Responses to "Aishwarya Rai Rare Photos"

she was sooooooooooo ugly as a child!!!when did the transformation take place?!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA ooh beautiful ash,how u must hate seeing ur fringe,thick eyebrows,and chubby face!! hope u dont turn into a pumpkin in 10 years time sweety!!


its good…

she is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!can’t express by words.huh!!!!!!!

aish is beutiful lady but we heve a lot of beutiful lady like her in iran.

iranians are so racist. i once heard iranian women discussing how darker skin tones are ugly . maryam needs to learn to spell beautiful. iranians are light skinned but beauty is as rare as any other country , some beautiful iranians some ugly same as any other culture

she is the-the-the most beautiful woman on this earth..she is definitely incomparable.the debate.

I am a big fan of aishwaria ray from iran. she is so beautiful and so happy with abishheck. the finest couple. god bless aish and abishheck.
maryam; we do NOT have beauty ladies!! like ash in iran. You can NOT compare irani woman to beautiful aish. ok?
Aish was nice and beautiful admirable as a child.

heyy iven i look ugly i mean not ugly but not that hot i mean comone when do babes look hot? when u grow up u look hot i mean thats what i think and she is beautiful i mean pic cant lie

“she is so beautiful” these words are nothing in front of her…. she should get the title “GODESS” of all beautiful creatures god has created.

nice collection….she is the beautiful lady….would love to see her pics anytime……

nice collection should make a seperate web page.

aish, can not be explained by anythings

everything is you and

you are everthing

Aish…! You look funny when you were kids. Don’t mind to insult you, but you are like what Christian Anderson wrote, an ugly duckling turns to a beautiful swan. Hehe.. I’m your fans from Indonesia always hope to meet you someday….

u r da worst creature in dis planet…………u hav jus totally spoiled abhishek’s life…….did u bribe da bacchan family 2 b a member??????? who asked u 2 marry him??? he was so much in love wid rani…..after salman nobody would hav loved u as much as he did…….. u hav spoiled 2 men’s lives…..nywayz have a happy married life

hey,cum on,dnt b silly! aish is beautiful and any guy’d b lucky 2 hav her..dnt mak comments on things u dnt know…

Aish, i love you!!
I don’t know why how come miss world pageant crowned another women after you won. You are sooooo beautiful!
I will always love you!!!
How can anyone compare you with someone??!?
There is no women like her on this planet, no matter what other people say, she is and will be the beauty goddess forever!

I am so happy that i was born in this time when i could see aish and admire her beauty.
She is the same now as she was in 1994, there is no proud in her for her beauty and she is filled with so much simplicity, i hope her beauty remains forever!!

And abhishek, you are the luckiest guy in this planet!!

And thank you very much for such a beautiful collection of photographs!

ash……….. she is the ugliest women in this world i hate her whatever people say katrina is the beautiful women in this world ash she spoiled abhi’s life & mr maddy abhi is the un lucliest man in the this world.ash was ugliest in her childhood and her teenage and too and ash can’t be beautiful like kat.
i tell you katrira should be married to abhi. you know i to have beautiful looks i am an arabian girl having blue eyes and black hair and and a very fair complexion and our country has more beautiful girls than ash.

U may be beautiful with ur Blue eye & Black hair… but u should not be so judgemental to make such kind of statment for ash, katrina is beautiful in her own way.. at the same time ash is tooo deserving what she gets… miss world … fan following.. & & abhishek bacchan… & his family…be flaxible… I am sure about u thet u havent met yet with any of them… be honest with ur self …. will make u more beautiful…

i agree with clza

hey ash u r da most prettiest woman dat i hv seen and no matter da ppl say dun bother as they r just jealous and trust ur heart and do that and u r da best all the best ya by da way m from bhutan ok tc

maddy you’re quite right.
they can close all these pageants until comparable beauty will come.
when will it happen? nobody knows

asho i like u so sweet

sumayya u suc! u think u r more preety than ash? like shit…..

summaya; u think katrina is gorgeous? she comes to act in bollywood movies and can’t even speak the language properly, its great she’s trying but she is not even close to being compared with aishwarya. and summaya if ur country has more prettier girls than aish then y do u even watch bollwyood movies? sry bout the lecture but aish has made indians all around the world very proud and she will surely continue to do so. aish u are very beautiful. can’t really blame u either, ur south indian aren’t u lol. May God continue to bless you and have a happy married life 🙂

All say aish is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful……………
but she is also a very kind and beautiful girl from heart.
i love her heart also. i m big fan of her from her first film. now i m 21 year old but my feelings are same for her.
i have 5000 snaps of her. my only wish to meet her only once.
my life is same with aish life. I don’t know why?

i like every thing of aish. i can’t compare her with any one. she is full of life. she is a lady of goddess. and we wish her for her future with hubby abhishek. good couple. may god bless them.

collection accha hai :)[I mean “good collection”]

Oye Saalo
Aish k baare me aisa bolte ho
Sharm nahi aati kya?

There are lot of girls pitier than you in Sril Lanka. But they not like to expose to the world. byeeeee.

you guys are crazy

Aj kaal bazaari auratain, apnay jism ko dekha dekha k heroins ban rahi hain. Baad yehi auratain baray industrialist k beds main raatain guzarti hain hain aur note kamaati hain.

Ash saali b unhi main say aik rundi hai.

how do you know this? if what you say is true then why would amithabh bachchan make her his daughter in law?

may be thats why jaya bachchan was not so happy when it was announced that abhishekh and aishworiya getting married!

Is that why he got to do so many ceremonies to purify her, ganga snan, jamuna snan and every ghat.

I don’t know how she wins awards and does public talking she looks anxious, uncomfortable and lost as well as lack of eloquence in her speech and dialogues. I thought the actor in her will grow one day but unfortunately that day never came.

She seems alienated in hindi cinema poor thing she is much suited to do south cinema. occasionally a item is okay in hindi films so people can enjoy her much hard earned beauty.

I feel amithabh and his family should concentrate on his sons career, looks and talent to develop before their ship sinks.

Theres no guarantee that aishwariya will stay put in india she has already lost alot and fighting tooth and nail to get a placement in hollywood. Do you feel this way about kajol and madhuri dixit?

saale kamine ki aulad sharam nahi aati aish ke baare mein aisa kehte hue tu to saale koi baanchot hi hoga jo aisa bol raha hai.

Har filmi heorin chahay wo kissi b country ki ho. directors say chudway baghair heroin nhi ban sakti.

Jab famous ho jati hain tu mantrion, ministers, big finance lords ka lulla layti rahti hain. aur maza karti hain.

Issi tarha tu note miltay hain.


she is the most beautiful woman in the world. no one can be compared to her.


really have you heard of madhubala, madhuri dixit, naseem bhanu, hema malini, vijayanthimala watch their hindi films beauty with talent and substance and they are humble beings. not look at me acknowlegde me or I will never go away and keep doing plastic surgery and botex and ………….. my way to the top.

i love aishwarya.she is beautiful.please send email.
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

U guyz r crazy…ok…she’s pretty, but please don’t go kiling yourself over her. Hu 4got bout Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman? She’s beautiful…get over it! U won’t go killing yourself over her….she will never do that 2 u. She’s a stuck up snob and i have evidence! Priyanka Chopra called her beautiful in a Filmfare award ceremony but she started a violent catfight with Priyanka saying that she should have called her beautiful AND talented….get a life Aish—everyone is talented—not only you….she nothing but a bitch…a f**kin biatch. OKAY…do u guyz get it? She’s over herself…proudly Curry indian.

lovely pic

i m a big fan of urs..u r very cute, nice, and an ultimate ladyyy.. lotsn lots of loveeeeeeeeeee……………………

Dear Eveone,

i love to FCUK her any time and in position she want. In fact i have fcuked her so many times…………………………… my dreams

she looks lovely and perfect that was then what happened to her after josh film

u r so beautiful in every moment

she is really a gorgeous ,i feel she might the incarnation of goddess heavan

hellow mrs aishwaria rai.u r nice beauty pretty and u rbest actress in bollywood and ur dance and classic dance isvery very very good .i and my daughter very love u .i m iranian ilive in north of iran . i wish urbaby wiil be like u that next years ppl see her and memoral u.i wish u never old.

Tum billi ho… bilairiya!

hi……..ash u r really very gud person frm heart

how u no she is gud prson she is very mean cozzzz she used salman for her fam

just beautiful with make-up!
i wish i could see her with out that heavy and professional make up!!!

Ash, i don’t wanna say love u, more than this. Alway expect, yr days goin on best. U do yr best works on hindi movie not english. Bcz on a english movie u shot a very ugly seen. Which we don’t like. Or u can do it but u have to safe from sexual seen. Plz don’t put on short dress, which heart me or hurt yr thounds of fan. I have faith that one day i wil meet with u nd express myself to u. U r the natural beauty. No other woman is comparable with beauty, yr behaviour, manner. I think u r the most beautiful woman in the earth, from it’s origin til now. When i get yr news from anywhere i read it attentively. Pray for u that u give us nice film. I hope one day u wil get oscar. Plz do some art film which wil alive u forever. I m bangladeshi, mst of our native people like u. Best luck Ash

haha jealous losers Ash has always had blue eyes these pics are from the year 1994 see she doesn’t wear contacts and she was always fair skinned.
I have seen more beautiful women than her,but Aish Rai is also truly gorgeous and one in a million.

aish is just plastic………….all the people who left their comments r just fools……………………u can compare her childhood pics with those of
these ones…………….she did plastic surgery which covered her orginal looks……………….she is just a dupe……………………..all that glitters r not gold…..REMEMBER!!!!!!even though she is gud..its not looks that value ones life……

In my life a cannot see a women like this, i dont know how much i Love her, she is also a good dancer and actor, i love u aishwaria, love u

Again i am telling that i love her, and i want to see her, and talk to her, this is my ‘a Dream’

hummmmmmmmmmmm ashwariya u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lady in the world

hey summaya in arab u people have all. White cats not b
eautifullllllll cats so plz don speak. Bout aishwarya rai too much

i dont like aish cozzzzzzzzzzz she is cat minded lady,vo to sb kismat ki baat h jo abhi ji mil gye,vrna ye to joney liver ji k layak nhi thi .

I like aishwarya.She is so much like her father in law amitabh.The style,the presence,majesticity,they are above normal humanbeings.Amitabh knew it and he wanted her as his daughter in law.Her transformation from Dhoom 2 to Guru is fantastic.I want her acting skill to continue even after she becomes a mother.How natural she is even in her pregnancy. Look at the difficulty the actor faces.Hrithick and aish make a great pair.Still she keeps off from Hrithick because Abhishek doesnt like it.She is tight lipped about anything written about her in papparazzi ,so much like Amitabh.

women r Not rundi guys like u make them rundi tum log to apni ma aur behen ku b fuck karte ho all men r bastards.

Rahi baat ais ki to uski b zindgi,wo filmen bana kar aap ka dil behlati hai,ye uska kam hai jiske lye uski insult ki jaye,ya tareef.aap mard to janwaro se b pare ho jo apni behen aur ma tak ku….

u r the most beautiful lady on d EARTH. I really want 2 talk to u one time.

shez very beautiful…bot the she is useless…u remove all d plastic out f her face……u can close down plastic factories for a hundred years

she is very nice cut beautifull
i cant express about her

she is not so beautiful as katrina !!!!!!!!!!

Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom RAB-1 CO, an insulator of crime and an ally of injustice. DEMAND A COURT-MARTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ash! how did you change into such a beauty…………………………………

you are remarkabley a pretty women.the photo of yours doing classical dance is much much much beyond praise.please tell me the secret…………………………..will you?.i am fom kerala and iove u vry muchg

i m a pathan of khyber pukhtoon khwa province is widespread overhere.ash is like their shoes.she is all and all artificial.she is a whore also.


[…] Aishwarya rai rare photos | collections of dilip prakash Miss world aish also visit my aish photo collections miss world with vip's very rare photo also visit my aish photo collections aish child hood photos. […]

[…] Aishwarya rai rare photos | collections of dilip prakash […]

[…] Aishwarya rai rare photos | collections of dilip prakash Miss world aish also visit my aish photo collections miss world with vip's very rare photo also visit my aish photo collections aish child hood photos. […]

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