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The Name Is Rajini Kanth € ’¶ A biography

Posted on: March 6, 2008

Hi all,

A good one read… Some words here are chanceless, and it tells what will make a person to be great and the perspective…

I love it and i hope u people will like it.

Visiting that Ragavendra temple in Bangaloreis almost more than a routine for her. She has not seen him ever before in the temple.

He was sitting on the floor with his closed eyes, folded legs and locked fingers in ‘Gnana Mudra‘. He looked strange and different with a turban on his head and the very long flowing beard. Some thing was there in his face that attracted her. She could not understand what that was.

She finished her ‘darshan‘ and came out; she saw the man was walking in the corridor. Again something was happening in her, she could not understand what was that. She was telling herself, “a poor old man. I have to help him”. She ran to him, gave rupees ten in his hand and forced him to accept. He smiled, expressed a reverence like a ‘prasadam‘ by keeping it in the forehead and thanked her by keeping the hand in prayer position (‘Namasthey’).

As she came out, she saw the man was getting into his Mercedes Benz, she was perplexed, shivered and ran to him and said, “Sir (Ayya!), Please forgive me, I did not do this to insult you. By seeing your dress and appearance, I thought you are struggling in life and offered you the money. It is a blunder. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Please give me back that money. I am sorry”.

The man with the fake beard and turban laughed and replied her politely, “Ammaa.. There is no mistake of yours. It is the other way. The creator is again and again reminding me through some body, “You are nothing. You are not special. Everybody is equal in front of me”. He keeps on sending this message again and again and today you happened to be a medium. That’s it. Thanks a ton”. His hand again went to prayer position, expressed gratitude to the lady and he went into his car.

When the lady realized the man was none other than Super star Rajini Kanth – Asia’s number one paid actor, he has left the place.

She did not know what to do. With tears in her eyes, she was starring at the direction that the car went.

– From Dr. Gayathri Sreekanth’s “The Name Is Rajini Kanth € ’¶ A biography”

Intha uzhagaththil naan thaan periyavannu yaarum nenachida kudaathu, avannuku appanum poranthiruppaan.

Always believe, there’s someone better than u and waiting for u to say that u r nothing when u think “I am the Best”


5 Responses to "The Name Is Rajini Kanth € ’¶ A biography"

Nama Shivay…………
Madam gayathri i am so delighted to know that u met him in person, the man of wisdom. I hope his eyes would have carried u to eternal, yes he is an example of morality and simplicity. Let Sri Raghavendrar always make him do the righteous. My prayers for u and Mr. Shivaji Rao:-) tat s how he likes to call him. Namasthey……..

i want your still

what a man he is .he is no more ordinary man he is somewhat equal to god because almost 99 percent of people in the world wants they should be higher than the people surroundedby him/her in some ways.that leads to make jealous,fight with fellow men or colleague or friend or brother.if you live simple as rajini then the world will be filled with peace,love,free of money making mind,free from fights

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