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Smart Beginner Body Building Tips

Posted on: January 14, 2008

Everyone, even Arnold, had to start somewhere. For the beginner, body building can be confusing. Use your head, learn all you can, and follow these smart beginner body building tips, and rather than just following the example of some muscle-headed guys who never succeed, you’ll end up cut AND healthy.

Beginner Body Building Tip #1:

Research, learn, and go in with a smart beginner body building plan. You can’t just go to a gym, jerk some weights, drink protein powder and walk out rippling. There are smart ways to do it, and really dumb ways. Learn the right way first and you’ll come out ahead.

Beginner Body Building Tip #2:

Don’t trust everything you read in magazines. Many of them are owned by nutritional supplement companies. Guess which products they’ll push? Many are nothing more than glorified ads aimed at beginner body building hobbyists. Ask around and find unbiased advice. Hey, you may become such a perfect specimen that you end up on a magazine – and you won’t even need a touch up!

Beginner Body Building Tip #3:

Don’t even think about using steroids. Too many beginner body building enthusiasts, steroids seem like the quickest path to success, but they’re really nothing but trouble. There are incredibly effective natural ways to stimulate your muscle development without putting your health and life in danger.

Beginner Body Building Tip #4:

Understand how your muscles work. You build muscle by taxing it then allowing your body to repair the microscopic tears you caused. This takes time – about a week for each targeted muscle group – and patience. If you’re tempted to overdo it, a common beginner mistake, it’s like taking the lid off a pot of water you want to boil. It’ll never happen because you keep interrupting the process.

Beginner Body Building Tip #5:

Beginner body building injuries come from trying to lift too much weight for too long. Don’t work out more than an hour a day five days a week. Go past that, and your workout’s working against you. If you work efficiently, you don’t have to live at the gym.

Beginner Body Building Tip #6:

Watch your form. Jerk up. Drop down. Repeat, right? Do yourself a favor and take a course on beginning body building, or hire a coach and learn it right. Extending to the full range of motion is a very smart way to get faster results. Don’t get sloppy. Don’t rush. Bad form just wastes your time. Good form takes balance, flexibility, and concentration – all good things. Use good form…and you get great results


Body Building Exercises: Choosing The Best
Submitted By: Wade Robins

Bodybuilders share two goals; stronger and more clearly defined muscles. The ways in which they choose to go about achieving those goals, however, can be extremely varied. Their body building exercises will be as effective in getting them there as the amount of neuromuscular stimulation those exercises create.

The very best body building exercises are those in which the largest numbers of nerves are communicating with the largest numbers of muscle fibers to enable the bodybuilder to lift a weight. A leg press, while a great muscle building exercise, is less effective than a free weight leg squat. Why?

Neuromuscular Stimulation

A free weight leg squat requires you both to control you own body as you move up and down, and to control and balance the weight. You are creating neuromuscular stimulation in almost every part of your body.

A leg press, on the other hand, does not force you to balance the weight, and all the core muscles which are involved in a free weight leg squat can take it more or less easy.

Body building exercises which involve more than one or two sets of muscles will be giving you increased neuromuscular stimulation; kettleball exercises are perfect examples. Because a kettleball is an off-center weight, your entire body, including your core muscles, has to work to maintain your balance while you are controlling the kettleball. None of your muscles remain static.

Rules For A successful Workout

There are also some rules which most good bodybuilders follow when doing their body building exercises. Their workouts normally last between forty-five and seventy-five minutes, with an hour the preferred duration. Anyone who continues past seventy-five minutes is likely to experience a drop in his or her muscle building hormones, and further effort will not only do little good, it will extend recuperation time.

Experienced bodybuilders will also rest for less than ninety seconds between sets of body building exercises, and the less time they rest, the more effective their workout will be. A workout with less time spent resting means a workout with more time spent on body building exercises, and more cardiovascular benefits. For more info see on Body Building Supplements.

Body building exercises should be varied from workout to workout; it’s the only way to stave off boredom. If you give one part of your body a thorough workout one day, concentrate on another part in your next workout. That way all your muscle groups will be getting both plenty of work, and plenty of time to regenerate muscle

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