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Kiran Bedi’s next mission- A safer India

Posted on: January 7, 2008

In her first major step after doffing her police uniform, Kiran Bedi Thursday blasted police officers for inefficiency as she unveiled a network to register complaints from the public.

The retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer made it clear that her initiative would not serve as a parallel police but only register complaints when aggrieved citizens felt that they were being denied justice.

In announcing, however, Bedi, India’s first woman police officer who retired last month after 36 years in service, accused police officers of fudging crime figures.

She told reporters that police officials were misleading the media and citizens by manipulating crime statistics. “They never give you the right picture. Not even a single police officer has dared to reveal the correct crime graph.”

She also said that police officials were not addressing complaints from people, and by refusing to probe criminal cases were actually encouraging criminals.

“In my endeavour to bring reforms in policing, today we are launching a mechanism through which we would ask people to register their grievances with our website,” she said.

“The victims’ complaint would be forwarded to the respective police chiefs or director generals with a copy to the complainant,” Bedi said here, on the launch of ‘Mission Safer India’.

Bedi said the initiative had been taken to strengthen police services to provide a “Safer India”, not as an alternative to police responsibilities.

“People can only register their complaint (with us) once they have visited the police station and are not satisfied with investigative procedures. The complaints would be only forwarded to the respective police chiefs once they are completely scrutinised by our panel of retired police officials, law students and NGOs,” said the Ramon Magasaysay Award winner.

“No false, defamatory, libellous complaint based on personal revenge would be forwarded. We would take legal action against those found using us to settle their personal scores,” Bedi said.

She sought to clarify that “Safer India” would be a bridge between the police and the complainant, and not an investigating agency.

A former all-India and all-Asia tennis champion, Bedi is a household name. She quit the IPS after she was denied a chance to become the chief of Delhi Police, a post now occupied by Y.S. Dadwal, her junior in service.

Bedi has also served as deputy inspector general of police in Mizoram, inspector general of police in Chandigarh, director general of the Narcotics Control Bureau and as inspector general of police at New Delhi’s Tihar Jail. In Delhi Police, she was the joint commissioner of training and also special commissioner in charge of intelligence.

7 Responses to "Kiran Bedi’s next mission- A safer India"

It is really a great effort. I hope that this will help most Indians. I really wonder why none of other Human Rights agency have taken such an initiative. Probably they do not get enough time out from their personal (money making) agendas 🙂

We all are looking at Kiran Bedi with high expectations for a great outcome from her clean mind. Very few indians command respect which she commands from common people. We all wish her all success and shall be glad if we can do anything for her being an engineer by profession.

Its really nice to know that somebody is really thinking on these lines. But how unfortunate is the fact that POLICE today is the biggest goon known around. They can be seen easily picking any STUFF without payments, charging shopkeepers (specially illegal ones) and all this happens openly. Recently when I was charged over MRP for softdrinks, ice creams etc, while holidaying in Goa, I asked them if they are not afraid of police for this OPEN VIOLATION of MRP? I was shocked at the answer “Police ko bhi khilana padta hai”(police is paid its share). What ever I’ve written here is something which everybody experiences here or there. Wt would you like to say on this Mrs Bedi??

why a female officer cannot be India’s Capital’s police chief? now where are the women organisations fighting for the rights of a deprived women, no body is affected but the feelings of a dedicated officer, who devoted her whole life for the service of humanity and the service to nation. still the stigma of being female is very much disturbing for male dominant society and the most dedicated one is never given justice . perhaps it will enhance the potential of mrs bedi for doing work more efficiently and devotedly to the service of mankind. Indian political minds may not accept the reality , but one day everyone will realise the truth of greatest female personality on earth .
with love and regards

Hey Women! You need not strive for rights, believe in the fact that they are made same as men in heart, then you will achieve the utmost freedom in your heart.

When will this stop….. castrate the Ba……

Schoolgirl gang-raped by six over a month
Jun 4, 2011, 06.10am IST TNN[ Mateen Hafeez ]

The victim was gang-raped by six men at different times in May.
MUMBAI: The Dadar police on Thursday night arrested five people, including a taxi driver, for allegedly gang-raping a 15-year-old girl at different times in May. The police are searching for the sixth accused.

The victim, who is a resident of Worli Koliwada, was sent to the Nagpada police hospital on Thursday for a check-up and the medical report is awaited. The five arrested accused, meanwhile, were produced before the Bhoiwada court on Friday and remanded in police custody until June 9.

Officers said the girl is a class X student in a Worli based Marathi school. The victim was known to at least four of the accused, who are aged between 18 and 20, since they live in the same neighbourhood in Worli.

Ashok Unde, senior inspector at Dadar police station added, “They had bought condoms for the act. The duo raped her taking turns and released her with the warning that she should not talk to anyone.”

Others, however, did get to know about the assault. Three other accused, thereafter, used the threat of exposing the May 3 sexual assault to call the victim out and rape her, the police said.

On May 7, Mane and Kalokh’s friend, Ashwin Murudkar, a 20-year-old employee of the railway’s pantry department , threatened the teenager and took her to a deserted place near Worli garden . He then went on to rape her.

Less than three weeks later, Pawan Angre, an 18-year-old employed as a courier boy with a private company in Vile Parle, used the same ploy to sexually assault the teenager.

The following day, one Vicky from the neighbourhood took the girl in a taxi to a deserted area near Worli. He then asked the cabbie, 44-year-old Anand Uttam Landge, to leave and raped the victim. Landge however saw the act and, threatening to tell on them, demanded from Vicky that he be allowed to participate in the assault. “Though the girl kept protesting, Landge and Vicky gang-raped her in the taxi,” said a police officer.

Scared after the late night assault, the victim did not return home. After a long search, her parents and relatives found her near Bhoiwada.

“At first she did not talk to anyone, though her mother and women from the neighbourhood tried to make her speak. She finally revealed how she was gangraped over a month and threatened,” said a police officer.

The police say the girl’s parents approached them on June 2 and lodged a complaint. The police have arrested Mane, Kalokh, Murudkar, Angre and Landge, though Vicky is still absconding . The six have been booked under section 376 (G) for gang rape and 506 (2) for criminal intimidation.


The victim is a 15-year-old girl who lives with her family in Worli Koliwada and studies in class X in a Worli-based Marathi school. Her father is employed as a peon in a private hospital, while her mother is a housewife. She has two siblings—a sister and a brother—both younger to her


19 yrs old Mahesh Anandrao Mane is a neighbour of the victim, Mane befriended her recently in a tuition class. He studies in a central Mumbai school and his mother works as a house help. His father is dead

19 yrs old Hitesh Harish Kalokh is a third-year BSc student, he stays near Janata Colony in Worli Koliwada. Kalokh, whose father is a fisherman, ostensibly knew the victim for years

20 yr old Ashwin Murudkar works in the railways’ pantry department along with his father and his mother is a housewife. Murudkar, too, is a neighbour of the victim. He met the victim several times in May


The victim told the police that Mahesh Mane and Hitesh Kalokh called her to Mane’s house on the night of May 3 to help them cook some food. Once she was inside, they locked the door and sexually assaulted her The police say some others in the neighbourhood learnt about the act. And, on May 7, Ashwin Murudkar raped the 15-year-old in Worli area after threatening to expose the first assault On May 30, Pawan Angre raped the girl by using the same threat, police officials say The following day, one

18 yrs old Pawan Angre is employed as a courier boy with a private company in Vile Parle. His father works in a mill in Dadar (E)

Vicky whose age is not known is the only one absconding accused in the case. The police said they are seeking more details on him


376 (G) of Indian Penal Code – Gang rape 506 (2) of Indian Penal Code – Criminal intimidation

am connolly heston soans. you have come to our house 13/7 sai baba colony behind sreeram talkies. in 1985 86 87 after my murder as syed modi murder case. my name for badminton sport is syed modi. you had asked why dnt you join police remember me.
now since 1998 my name syed modi flash as dcp syed modi but am not given my i card or any sort of call. beither my murder case charge sheet is given to me. few days ago i went to thane ACP office to file rti whe i was selected as cop. i fell dwn on the police ground. i was taken to hospital and then t bombay hospital then back home in ambulance. the perdonel sad i cant say but still you insist i wll give you a call for police job. my sem job is lost special executive magistrate job 4 years mr kuldip singh matharu forgered my salary and government documents still the complain no 299 in central police station is missing. those sa we dont know you write fresh letter. what to do rs 45000 salary or shop sol is intimated in chopra court but not me.
any help madam
my mobile number 8976775832

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