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Written by Infosys Guys/ Gals

Posted on: December 12, 2007

Infosys Pasanga(??)..ponnunga(??)ungaluke..neenga aapu vanchitungeela…….!!!!!!!!

Written by Infosys Guys:

1. What is the beautiful girl called in Infosys?
A. Visitor.

2. What happens when all the Infosys girls go on a trip to moon?
A. Average beauty of the earth increases

3. What happens when hundred new girls join?

A. Average beauty of Infosys further decreases.

4. What happens when a Infosys girl has very malignant brain tumor?
A. She will get her knee operated.

5. What happens when two Infosys girls meet generally at fashion show?
A. They will discuss the cause of the two smaller bugs in software.

6. What happens when a Infosys girl contests a fashion show?
A. She will get best possible points in the field of morale boosting.

7. What happens if you present a book named “How to fall in love” to a
Infosys girl?

A. She will use it as a mouse pad.

8. When there is a competition in beauty and two Infosys girl
participate,it’s called a competition.

A. If a Infosys girl and other outside girl competes, its called


9. What happens when two Infosys girls compete for same guy?
A. He will commit suicide.


Generally 99.9999% of the girls in the world are beautiful, rest are

in Infosys

Written by Infosys Girls:

Dear Infoscion guys,
We were motivated to compile this after coming across the mail “about

girls”.after all, a good gesture demands a good gesture in return!

1. what is it when an Infosys-guy is wearing a black t-shirt?
-It’s just a white t-shirt , badly in need of a good washing.

2. What happens when a dirty, smelly sheep and an i.g.(Infosys-guy)
enter a room together?

-the sheep runs out.

3. What happens when an i.g. starts combing his hair?
– The comb gets lost in his hair.

4. What does an i.g. tell Julia Roberts?
-your hair reminds me of “sine curves”.

5. Where does an i.g. take his girl on the 1st date?
-Obviously, to the Infosys library. does an i.g. shine his battery (specs)?
-with a shoe-shine polish.

7.what do you call a guy wearing shoes in Infosys?
-a visitor.

8. what ha! happens when some i.g.s go on a trip to

-average cleanliness of INDIA increases, and that of

U.S.A decreases.

9.what happens to the 2 ants, 1 falling on an i.g.’s shirt, and other on
a visitor’s shirt?

-the 2nd one slips down quickly, while the 1st one gets lost in the

mountainous region. (such a crumpled shirt!). will an i.g. tell his friend “go there”?
he will actually GO there and say,”come here”.

11.what happens when an i.g. falls in love?
-he starts finding out the depth to which he’s fallen, with the

velocity and time of falling in love known to him.

12. what does an i.g. comment about a v. pretty girl?
-“non existing function of beauty”.

13. what happens when an i.g. proceeds with a suitcase to his home-town?
-on reaching home, realizes that his suitcase is missing.

14. what happens when an i.g. is attending a wedding?
-he starts developing a software to find! out how many people attended

the marriage and how many didn’t.


0.0001% of the garbage on earth is outside Infosys

and the remaining

99.9999% is in Infosys.


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